Jacobson Auction Co: Broker Referral Program

Broker Referral Program: Brokers throughout the country are forming to take advantage of the benefits that auctions create for all parties involved in the transaction. Brokers realize a portion of their clients can benefit from an aggressive auction marketing program. Often times, the properties that have been stagnant on the market or perhaps are expiring soon are great candidates for an auction. When a time sensitive sale is needed, an auction is the preferred method. With the ability to maximize interest and force the market to respond, an auction creates a competitive “closing tool” within a consentrated timeframe.

Potential Auction Properties Include

Often a listing broker realizes that the property they are attempting to sell is encountering one or more of the following obstacals:

  • The property is not easily valued.

  • The property is encountering resistance in the marketplace.

  • Your listing has languished on the market, generating no qualified traffic.

  • Your client is motivated by the timing of the sale.

  • Your listing is expiring and your client is seeking alternative methods of marketing going forward.

  • Potential buyers for a property have been identified but lack motivation to buy now and you are seeking a tool to motivate immediate action.

  • You are challenged by a client who seeks to sell a portfolio of properties all on the same day.  You know that selling the portfolio one at a time to different buyers will achieve a higher price, but you dont know how to merge these two concepts.

These situations are ideal for marketing and selling property via auction. When real estate brokers choose to refer properties to Jacobson Auction Co., that are suited for sale at auction, these brokers can earn fees equal or even above the normal commissions they would earn representing the seller conventionally. Another key difference is that a commission can be earned in as little as eight to twelve weeks, instead of often months or years on the traditional market.

Working with Jacobson Auction Co.

Real Estate Brokers are embracing auctions as a means to expand their income opportunities. This is accomplished through a variety of methods that benefit their clients. Contact us today to discover how a relationship with our company can benefit you, and your client.

How to represent a buyer at an auction:

To qualify as a "Buyer’s Agent" and earn referral fees, a few simple steps must be followed:

Step One: Review the terms of sale for each particular auction as they relate to Buyer Broker Participation.  Terms do vary from auction to auction.

Step Two:  Be a licensed real estate agent in the state in which the property is located, or if licensed in another state, comply with the licensing laws of the state in which the property is located.

Step Three: Register the client by mail, fax, or email with Jacobson Auction Co. The Jacobson Auction Broker Registration Statement must be signed by both the buyer’s agent and the client confirming the Buyer’s Agency relationship. This letter must be received no later than five business days prior to the auction date. Ensure that the registration letter is received before the Buyer contacts the Seller or auctioneer, and before any inspection of a property by the Buyer.

Step Four:  If an open outcry auction, attend the auction with the client.

Step Five:  Assuming that you client is the highest bidder and the sale closes you will have earned a referral fee!