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Jacobson Auction & Realty Co., Inc. is a full service Real Estate and Auction Company. Our mission is to provide our clients with a swift marketing process that will achieve top dollar value for their properties. Our expertise translates to seamless execution of a strategic marketing campaign to engage qualified local, national, and international buyers for our auctions. We create a concentrated marketing effort to maximize interest and expedite the selling cycle while still maximizing our client's profits.

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There are two auction formats that are commonly used by Jacobson Auction & Realty Co.; Absolute & Confirmation.

An auction allows price to be established by open and competitive bidding, creating true fair market value. 

Absolute Auction:

Sells to the highest bidder without minimum or reserve. Draws larger crowds and increased interest. Highest bid established by open and competitive bidding.

Confirmation Auction:

The seller has the right to accept or reject the highest bid price at auction. Highest bid established by open and competitive bidding.

 Benefits of an Auction:photo collage sold property

Time is money:
Seller’s want the best net value in the most reasonable time frame and buyers want the property at a fair price with the least inconvenience. This is the marketplace of an auction which creates mutual benefits that enhance value for all parties involved.

True Value:
Traditionally speaking, there are many ways to determine property value. Comparable property, recent sold, CMA, BPO, & Appraisals. At Jacobson Auction & Realty Co., the true value of real estate is what a buyer will pay now and what a seller will accept now in an open, fair and competitive environment.

Auction Fever: The competitive environment of an auction creates excitement, enthusiasm, and a general desire to win the bidding which will bring higher prices. No more will the seller deal with long drawn out negotiations that could fall through in the end.

Direct Marketing
: Auctions are a set time and place that is advertised to the public when a property is to be sold. Auctions bring the buyers out of the woodwork. The people are real buyers who are interested, motivated and have the required funds or credit to buy now.

Low Cost: The only cost to the seller is the marketing fee. This cost ranges and is individualized for each client. Sellers increase their return on investment because other costs such as the Closing, Doc Stamps, and Commission are all paid for by the buyer.


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Character Calendar Day One:
Execute auction agreement, Photograph Property, Gather all relevant marketing material and facts regarding property, Order Auction Signs.

Day 2-7:
Prepare All Marketing Material, Sign on Property, Brochure to Printer, Ads to Newspaper, Internet Copy to Webmaster, First advertising release. Bidder Registration Opens. Drive-by inspection of property and signs.

Day 10-17:
Realtor Mailing List and Neighborhood Alert  Brochure, Second Advertising Release, Continue Bidder Registration, Drive-by inspection of property and signs. 

Day 18-24: 
Auction Reminder Newsletter. Bidder Registration Approvals. Final Advertising Appears.
Drive-by inspection of property and signs. 

Day 30: Auction Day

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